The Bridge so Far

16 Nov 2016 Posted by in News and Events | 6 comments

I always wonder if anyone got sticky takkies on Saturday afternoon…

There is something magical about a bridge as it transports you into “another world”.

The bridge into hippo territory.

The bridge into hippo territory.

On Saturday, 12 November 2016, Tom, Jocelyn and I (with a guest appearance by Dalton who took a break from bird ringing to pop in and help for a while) continued the task of refurbishing the bridge over the river at the Zeekoevlei weir.

Most of the sanding and a partial coat of varnish were done on the previous visit so some sanding and a first coat on all exposed wood and a 2nd coat of varnish on the floor was what we had planned for this occasion.

Painting the floor 1st coat.

Painting the floor 1st coat.

Day 1 sanding, powered by Tom's generator

Day 1 sanding, powered by Tom’s generator

It took about 4 hours to achieve this, Tom once again generously donated copious amounts of sand paper with the brushes, thinners and varnish supplied by the reserve.

Looking good

Looking good

After 1st coat

After 1st coat

The job is yet to be completed, we need to roughly sand the outside (this will involve something to stand on and a sense of balance, so if you love to paint or even just want to give back to the nature reserve in some way, watch this space for details on when etc.

Thanks once again to those who assisted and for equipment and your commitment to our local environment and FoZR!


  1. Gavin Lawson11-16-16

    Well done to everyone it is looking good. 3 coats of varnish would look after the wood for a few years out there.

  2. dee11-16-16

    Guys you are magnificent people!
    Thank you so so so much!


  3. Todd Post11-16-16

    Thumbs up to all and many thanks.

  4. Jocelyn11-16-16

    Thanks for this post Richard – Brilliant 🙂

  5. Ron11-16-16

    Well done Richard and team, I know we all say it but I was going to join you, but something came up (note I did not say better)

  6. Tom11-17-16

    One more session should do it, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

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