Black South Easter performing LIVE in Zeekoevlei – Post Removed by admin

09 Mar 2016 Posted by in News and Events, Uncategorized | 5 comments

Hi anyone who clicked on the link to come to the post about the band, Black South Easter, playing in Zeekoevlei.

Please accept our apologies, this post has been removed because it goes against the policy of NOT posting ANY commercial events that have any charge or entrance fee UNLESS the money goes to the community (not individuals) or FoZR (friends of Zeekoevlei & Rondevlei).

Also any posts advertising businesses or anything for personal gain are not permitted even if the money is only for the band or speaker and not the organiser.

Posts regarding local news, local events of interest to the community, information about happenings in the area, updates on local issues such as the sewerage works, miggies, HippoPottoMouses, crime and grime, birds and beasts etc. are all acceptable as long as there is no cost involved.

Authors and Administrators of this site, please phone FoZR or ZCA (Richard) if you are unsure whether a post is acceptable or not.

If you wish to have something posted and you are not an author (of the site), please email Richard –

Thanks all…


  1. dee03-09-16

    Lee …. Does this event comply with Event Regulations? Some residents have expressed concern around noise etc .. It looks to me as if it is a public event (entrance fee). I haven’t researched this myself, but I did mention to Rochelle that there were community concerns. Can you assist by reassuring the community that event licenses have been procured (if same are necessary)
    There was also confusion around this being a community inspired event. Just to be clear to all: this is not a FOZR event.

    • Lee03-09-16

      I have no role in organising this event so can’t assist by addressing your questions.

  2. veneta03-10-16

    Hi Richard

    So will the event still take place? and what time will it start?



  3. dagny03-11-16

    great! i just got home to cars parked all over the place again. no notification in my letterbox to tell me of this event. just heard it had been on this site. People attending are saying it is a 21st party. Dave the builder is once again parked in front of one of the neighbours driveways. if having to put up with the builders is not enough now this! sick of the blatant disregard for other citizens living here.

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