a Poem written by a little girl of 12 years old in mid 1974 whilst in form 1 in Rhodesia.

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Choosing Names

A newly born babe snuggled up to its mother;
And then there were two and then another;
Four little hippos soon closed their eyes,
But mother and father gave coughs and sighs
For they didn’t know what name to call
The babies at their feet so clumsy and small.

“Hipples”: Mother thought her name was best.
“Hippsters”: Father wished a name with zest.
Suddenly the parents had an idea,
They thought of a play and found something there-
Taken from Shakespeare’s “Midsummer’s Dream”,
The name: “Hippolyta” was best it did seem.

“Hippolyta” was thus for the eldest child,
While “Hippothomas” sounded warm and mild,
The parents then gave a grunt and a snort
And the others had names: “Hippomore”, “Hipposport”.
Now they stopped arguing over again,
For each little hippo at last had a name!

The family then strolled down to the pool
Where they lay in the water floating and cool;
After a drink they stood up with a sigh
And walked up the bank with heads held high,
Leading behind them a proud group of four –
“Hippolyta”, “Hippothomas”, “Hipposport”, “Hippomore”.

Her name is Dee, cute man!

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