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Happy new year to all you readers and nature lovers.

I have been building and renovating in the Zeekoevlei area for about 3 years now and have met some amazing people who I have become friends with. It has given me much joy and satisfaction to work in this stunning area as well as improving on peoples lifestyles.

Extensive renovating is difficult and often very stressful, for both parties, but the outcome is life changing with more space and improved living conditions. This also has a positive effect one ones happiness. I love seeing my clients happy and for me that is a goal achieved.

One of my goals is to be involved in a much needed tennis club refurbishment. How about all residents being members as well as selected outsiders, this will up the finances which are needed. Feed back from  locals will be welcome.

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  1. Derek05-08-09

    Hi Dave,

    The tennis club definitely needs some upgrading! I’d be keen to join the club if it was functioning a bit better.


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