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Water Hyacinth in Zeekoevlei

Dear Residents, sailors, rowers, skiers, swimmers, paddlers, birders and fisherpersons We have a problem in Zeekoevlei and need your help… The False Bay nature reserve has recently discovered water hyacinth in Zeekoevlei. We have been conducting water hyacinth checks and removal for about 4 weeks and it seems that the water hyacinth is restricted to […]


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Stop dog fighting and all cruelty to all animals

Hello everyone, Once again, in 4 weeks time, I am running the two oceans half marathon to stop dog fighting and all cruelty to all animals. Please support me by making a donation to my cause. I have created a charity site that puts the money directly into the SPCA account. If you prefer I […]


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A request for a boat

Hi All, I received an appeal from members of the Princess Vlei Forum as follows, In 2017 the Princess Vlei Forum made lots of good progress in looking after and managing Princess Vlei. Thanks to a fundraising grant there is now a full time manager at the Vlei – Denisha Anand. Denisha’s efforts are being […]


The latest buzz – singing Carpenter Bees …

If you have driven down Peninsula Road recently you would hopefully have noticed the pink floral display on the “Erica field” at Rondevlei. These pink flowers are from Orphium frutescens (Teeringbos), whose flowers have waxy petals to allow them to flower later in the harsher conditions of summer. This allows them an advantage over many […]


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Come and Learn about our CRITICALLY Endangered Butterfly

If this butterfly survives another 5 years it will be a man made miracle, FoZR will be hosting an informative talk on the Barber’s Cape Flats Ranger on Thursday Evening at the Rondevlei Tearoom. This little skipper butterfly is on the brink of extinction, occurring close to home in the Pelican Park section of False Bay […]


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Shout out to those fine people defending the bush from this afternoons fire in Rondevlei!

Thanks you guys, also John, Nicky and Kai and the the others who turned out for the impromptu gathering 🙂  


Talk on the Cape Platanna by Dr John Measey

Dr John Measey is a Senior Researcher at the CIB based in the Department of Botany & Zoology at Stellenbosch University. John is Editor-in-Chief of the African Journal of Herpetology. He will be talking about the Cape Platanna (Xenopus gilli) frog species that has recently been discovered at Rondevlei. The species is endangered.  It is threatened by habitat […]


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Puffadder Release 4 November 2017

Yesterday a small group of the Friends of Zeekoevlei & Rondevlei (FOZR) released a female puffadder into the southern side of Rondevlei. She was removed from a property in the southern suburbs the day before. Those who were present at her release saw how quickly an animal like this can disappear into a small bush […]


Would you like to get up close and personal with a Puffadder?

Hi All   Just a quickie, Dalton has a Puffadder he is going to release it tomorrow (Saturday) morning, if you wish to take a short hike, watch a puff adder being released and no doubt learn all about Puff Adders, their Rondevlei history and probably some latin, join us at 08h00 sharp at the […]


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Notice of immediate implementation of water rationing across Cape Town

Hi (not sure what to call you, maybe subscribers of the FoZR Blog) It was suggested that I post this for those who have not yet seen it… so here goes….  City of Cape Town- Water Dashboard – click here for current state of affairs with dams, rainfall and water testing. OFFICE OF THE CITY MANAGER […]