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Zeekoevlei Community Market – FEEDBACK- 6th DEC

07 Dec Posted by in News and Events | 8 comments
Zeekoevlei Community Market – FEEDBACK- 6th DEC

Greetings on this amazing Monday morning with a mirror like water surface across the vlei….

Wow … after the high winds we experienced in the area for the last couple of days, we were greeted by amazing weather once again at yesterday’s market at CTEET. When the acting market manager (MM) arrived at the site at about 6 am, there were already some people setting up …….. talk about excitement running high … it was amazing to see the adrenaline pumping with these early birds in anticipation for the days trading….

We had a record number of stall holders booking at our 4th market that had a charge of R50 per table implemented for the first time as per the plan. After the area was booked up, we still have about 20 potential stall holders that we have had to turn away till next month.

We were very strict with people booking and paying fees by a cut off date but when this scenario faced us at 06.10 yesterday, even some of us hard arsed committee members had to reconsider….

One example, A stall holder couple, (aged about 76 and 79), has been at the previous 3 markets as well but does not use any social media or email, had already packed out all their bric and brac at 06.15, inclusive of items they had purchased with their SASSA, and were not aware of the new booking and payment arrangements.

This is the same couple that came to thank the committee members after the 2nd market that they managed to use their income, take a calculated risk to be at the market and turned a profit of R2 650 !!!! They had tears of joy as they thanked us for creating the opportunity to survive that month….

Long story short … we allowed them to stay and had to move other stall holders around and into vacant spots as one or two called in sick – after all, that is what good management is all about is it not?

So ….. do not accuse us of being stone cold committee members ….. lol!

As the stall holders started arriving in numbers, temps checked and sanitised, they were reminded about consistently using a mask as we were determined not to be accused of not adhering to Covid rules. It was fascinating to watch people, as reminders were broadcasted to cover up, quickly pull masks all the way up …. EISH!!!! We did not give up and reminded people plenty times ! Thanks to the majority of market goers for adhering to this simple requirement … APPRECIATED!

The appreciation from Stall holders to be given the opportunity to be able to trade in our amazing environment was evident from our inter action with them and the encouraging messages afterwards. Some of them had their financial goals for the day met and exceeded while others did not and will have to adapt their strategies to ensure that they attract more market goers…. in otherwords the nature of the selling game and making sure that they are nimble and able to change to market requirements…

Some examples ….

“What a wonderful community market that was! Thank you FOZR for all your efforts! I really love the market. Just next time the wind must start an hour later ???”

My first time to the market today. And i met some awesome people. Bought some great bargains. And basically had a really lovely morning…

“Just a short note to express my appreciation for a very enjoyable day yesterday at the market. “

Communities bordering our amazing vlei were represented by about 80 percent of the traders and and the balance came from various areas like Michellsplain, Steenberg, Lansdowne, etc…. Inclusion of all, ensures that the market is kept vibrant and remains financially viable…..

The boat trips were once again a HUGE success as people were fascinated at the environment that they did not know existed withing our city. Part of our mandate as FOZR is to ensure that the COCT owned vlei is exposed to more communities so that they can understand that things like littering, dumping has a negative effect on this amazing place. As if on cue, a cormorant surfaced near a boat with plastic on its wing and 3 groups came back totally excited as they saw the pair of fish Eagles in the blue gum trees! WOW!!!!!!!

Another highlight was when we quietly glided up to where the Sacred Ibis’s were nesting and people could view the hatchlings without disturbing them at all – Not one adult flew away as we approached and the awe on the faces of all was heart warming …. People that live sooooooo close to the vlei, have neva seen this before! They whispered their excitement to each other and as we left that area … comments were made about how bad litter is for animals……… We have to stop the littering ALL over…

More than 122 people were taken on the vlei, with full Covid precautions in place, the reactions were priceless…. and that is what our mandate is all about … get people to appreciate the environment and really care for it in all walks of life! The donations will be used to ensure that we continue to do our cleanups and alien vegetation removals that have resulted in the vlei being in a relatively good state –

Let me quote a resident ….. ” Well done FoZR. The vlei has never been better.”

FoZR Committee Members all have demanding day jobs. We all give of our time, money and effort for the improvement of the area in all aspects. To each committee member, acting market manager, Volunteers, boat owners who provided full services free of charge, FBNR, CTEET, Tiny Tubbies, The Residents, Mr K Shop, Stall holders that worked so hard to make this market a huge success and ensure that our goal as FOZR to keep the environment in an acceptable condition with our partners, we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

Our contact details are if you have any other suggestions or inputs into making our market even better …… or even better … volunteer to come and assist on the day, get involved, sunlight is good – You are always welcome!

  1. Len Davies12-07-20

    Well done FoZR – a great initiative!

    • Sidney Jacobs12-07-20

      Thanks For the feedback Len – Yes … it is growing in a VERY positive way and fantastic support from all over .

  2. Alan12-07-20

    Absolutely great day. Excellent community spirit,

    • Sidney Jacobs12-07-20

      That was really evident from the majority of the people at the market – they loved it!

  3. Jimmy Baigrie12-07-20

    Couldn’t make it this time but glad it was such a great success. Well done and thank you, FOZR.

    • Sidney Jacobs12-07-20

      Our pleasure as a hardworking committee Jimmy – It is these types of factual feedback that keeps us going… APPRECIATE the feedback!

  4. Susanne12-07-20

    It was magic and organized with German military precision. I loved the marketing plugs..very cool and it made things so much more personal and exciting.How about a sitting area under the trees in the play area where people can sit under the trees to have their meal? Its Hans idea actually but I love it…and people need to walk through the entire market to get there… more foot traffic…??

    • Sidney Jacobs12-07-20

      German precision….? Eish… Eish… The South African Communnity spirit was very evident Senorita…..and boerewors was great! With Samoosas….. Oh.. And great koeksisters! Point taken yet…..? Lol!

      Ok…. Your chilis were amazing again… Love the ideas keep them coming…. The plan is to have seating area through those roll up doors…. There was another function planned yesterday hence we did not setup….
      Thanks for inputs… Love them like usual….

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