Just what the Doctor Ordered – A Market day

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Greetings All,

As the rains continued to fall on the day before our first community market, the committee consoled each other with the statement “weather will be fine – the forecast looks good for tomorrow“, crossing our fingers, toes and everything that could cross over!

Despite the bad weather on the 5th of September, our residents did not let this stop them dropping off bric and brac that they were uncovering in garages and storerooms as they knew the proceeds would be going into making sure that our amazing environment is kept as pristine as possible by all role players.

The next morning (Sunday 6th September) the committee and all volunteers arrived at the site way before 7 am to get the place ready for all the stall holders that had booked – We were greeted with the most amazing weather and it remained like that for the rest of the day – WOW!

By 09.15 the place was READY and humming with a hive of activity as FOZR members and volunteers took on allocated roles in earnest to ensure that everything went as smoothly as possible. September’s market manager (Tom) made sure that any unforeseen logistics was resolved in the best way and everyone was accommodated. Cars lined Peninsula road as people started streaming into the market.

Margit and Nikki had the Covid screening process down to a military type operation getting people in as fast as possible and reminding them to adhere to all Covid regulations…..

The stalls were an array of amazing goodies and the most common comment around the delicious food on offer was …. The diet is taking a break today – will start tomorrow again !

These homemade biscuits were out of this world… well done …!

ALL Food on offer obviously had sooooo much patience, experience and expertise put into it, that most food vendors were completely sold out by the end of the market – well done all … just some of the offerings below …

The FOZR Bric and Brac stall was a great hit and people supported it all day … lots of haggling going on and that made it all more fun! Our volunteers enjoyed the experience with loads of amazing inter actions with the residents.

The already festive vibe was hugely enhanced by the drumming session provided by local resident David who made sure that every one just had fun! It was a blast! Watching all these videos on various groups puts a huge smile on our faces …

Another great part of the day was when a request was made for the song JERUSALEMA to be played and people just joined in on the court completely spontaneously – What a great community spirit and example to set for the rest of our country! Well done Zeekoevlei and every one who attended the first Market!

Stats for those who like these things :

When the committee discussed this event initially … we said we would consider about 20 stall holders a huge success . We had 43 registered and more wanting space !

Attendance of about 150 people would be amazing …. We had more than 410 people going through the entrance!

We look forward to the next one on the 1st Sunday of October and anyone wanting to book space, send email to

Additional feedback to all residents is that a personal goal of one of our residents has been achieved and a public little library shelf / book case has been erected outside the shop. Heather Krieger has spearheaded this goal for a long time and another resident, Peter Southgate offered his expertise on a voluntary basis to actually craft the plain book shelf.

Or so we thought until we all saw the end product – WOW!

Well done Heather and Peter … we all salute you!

The idea is that any one can exchange books and encourage people to read – Kiddies and adult books are already available. The great news is that some local authors have heard about this initiative and already donated some of their own works as well!

We live in an amazing area, we live in an amazing country and we will never give up in trying to preserve this …. Stay safe all and the FOZR committee is grateful for all the support.

Watch this space for next cleanup event as well ….

Be a Friend 🙂

  1. Jimmy Baigrie09-08-20

    Thank you FOZR, and beautifully well done.

    Thank you also to the Tennis Club for curating this recreational space for so long, and for John and Emma Oliver who have done so much for the tennis club and for its and our van Blommestein Park surrounds.

    And thanks also to the tennis-playing vlei resident volunteers who rolled out and laid the first court in the 1980s or 70s – one of whom was there with us on Sunday – and those who have kept playing for decades ever since, sharing this facility with various adult and youth sporting groups.

    A great achievement all round. Thank you all.

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