FOZR Reed Removal Project in Public Areas

13 May 2019 Posted by in Environment | 2 comments

FOZR had taken the decision, in conjunction with our partners at Falsebay Nature Reserve, to spearhead the removal of reeds ( Roots and All) at the overgrown public areas in the drawdown period. The project was co-sponsored by FOZR and another donor with our ever willing Falsebay Nature Reserve team in full support as they tirelessly transport the huge heaps of reeds to the correct dumps.

As you enjoy the calming walks through Van Blomenstein Park, glance over at the huge areas that have been cleared by the teams of workers that have been employed by FOZR on a temporary basis to ensure that the water is visible once again. These teams have been hard at work for the last six days, toiling in the African sun to ensure that the public areas are in a great condition again.
















Removal of the reeds are taking place daily and will be completed asap ….. but the next aerial picture shows the difference the initiative has made already ….


We care as it is our environment … Be a friend…


Be a Friend 🙂

  1. Trevor05-13-19

    Excellent. Well done

  2. Richard Cammell05-14-19

    Great work FoZR

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