Zeekoeivlei Overflowing-Effective Engineering Saves the Day

16 Jun 2018 Posted by in Environment | 6 comments

Sailing today with all the water in our vlei was amazing and thought I would share how great engineering of the past is making sure that our homes are not flooded in heavy rainfall times. There has been discussions on other forums about whether the weir would cope, will it be releasing enough water into the river ……. and the short answer is … YES!.

Clever engineering has made sure that at extreme levels the water actually overflows at the dam wall AND the weir section …. so do not fear…it is covered and works 100%! See pictures that demonstrates it clearly!

The challenge is to get our residents out into our natural environment to experience these wonders….. so, get those warm jackets out and take the family down to the weir tomorrow to see for yourselves – it is an easy walk and loads of fun! Enjoy it! We live in an amazing area!

Check out this as well :



  1. Mascha06-16-18

    Lovely pics! Thanks

  2. Dalton06-17-18

    The fact that the weir is overflowing so early in the rainy season is a very good sign!

  3. Cate06-18-18

    Great, thanks for the video, and lovely to see the otter!!

    • Sidney Jacobs06-18-18

      Our pleasure …. and you welcome as the Otter is one of our locals. …lol!

  4. Andy Chisholm06-24-18

    A bit of history.
    My parents lived at the vlei in the 40’s before there was a weir and there was a constant battle between the sailing folk and residents. To get the vlei deep enough to sail they would block the river which sometimes resulted in the water raising too high and then the residents would go and remove the blockage.

    Not sure when the weir was built but I was born here in 1950 and can only remember the vlei with a weir.

    • Sidney Jacobs06-24-18

      Thanks for that interesting feedback….. thankfully we now all co exist peacefully and enjoy our little piece of “heaven”…….

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