MoonDance is leaving the Vlei

03 Feb 2018 Posted by in News and Events | 13 comments

Hi All

I just wanted to let all you all, the extended FoZR community know that my family and I will be leaving the area and starting a new chapter in our lives…

Of course this change brings many opportunities for some of you to step in and help build the FoZR brand and enjoy the satisfaction of being part of a wonderful community and the ‘warm fuzzies’ one gets when you do the right thing. Please let us know if you wish to become more involved in matters relating to environmental issues in the False Bay Nature Reserve.

It also means you can buy my home on the waters edge in one of the best parts of the Zeekoevlei peninsula, take a look

Over the many years that I have worked in FoZR, I feel like much has changed for the better and it is a bit heart wrenching to walk away from all this but I’m sure that I will find a new cause to fight for in the Eastern Cape.

I would like to thank all the people who have supported me and this organisation over the years.

Richard aka MoonDance

Come and Join the team

Come and Join the team

So long and thanks for the fish!

So long and thanks for the fish!

  1. Justine Ewart-Smith02-03-18

    All the best for the next chapter of your journey

  2. Sandy & Peter Schuurmans02-03-18

    Wishing you all the very best in what you have planned for the future!! It has been lovely knowing all of you, from school lift clubs in primary school etc. and good luck!!

  3. Mascha02-03-18

    We will miss you guys!

  4. Wendy Deary02-04-18

    Thank you for your dedicated commitment to our community. You will be missed.

    • MoonDance02-04-18

      Not as much as we will miss this village 🙁

  5. Margaret02-04-18

    I will miss always being updated on happenings and issues at Rondevlei – good luck in your future wherever it might be!

    • MoonDance02-04-18

      I am only one of the authors on this site and FoZR will still be at the environmental helm, hopefully you won’t see any break in service. 🙂

  6. Dalton02-04-18

    Sob! Sob! You will be missed. The Eastern Cape is getting a tremendous asset!

    • MoonDance02-04-18

      just don’t tell them, I was hoping for a quiet time 🙂

  7. Piet02-04-18

    wishing you & Dee the very best for your East Cape venture

  8. Trevor02-05-18

    Sad to see you go. First time I’m hearing of a migration from Cape Town to the Eastern Cape. Lol.

    You will be known as the first refugee from the Western Cape. xxxx

    Wishing you, Dee and the family everything of the best.

  9. Jimmy02-05-18

    No volunteers have done more than you both in my 25 years living at the vlei. Well done, thank you, glad you enjoyed the fish and sorry you’re taking your rods to distant waters.Love from Nic and Jimmy.

  10. Tom02-07-18

    Couldn’t agree more, Jimmy, and my time here has been way less !

    That said, no man is an island, and I’m sure that we can count on them good folk when we run into serious problems at the Vlei !

    On behalf of FoZR, I would like to thank both Rich and Dee for their dedication and often un-noticed input over many years. I trust that the solid foundation they have helped to create will continue to ensure that our special place will still be enjoyed by generations to come.

    Bon Voyage, I wish you both the absolute best on your adventure !

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