Roving Security Zeekoevlei (False Bay Nature Reserve)

23 Apr 2015 Posted by in Zeekoevlei Security | 1 comment

Any environmental crime in FBNR can be reported to a new Roving Security unit based within the reserve, if you see dumping, have a scary snake or any other issue within the FBNR phone 083 499 1717 and report it. ref Asieff Khan manager FBNR.

  1. Charlene04-26-15

    I am cleaning up rubbish left behind by people on a daily basis at the end of Victoria Road where we live. On Friday someone left a white plastic bucket full of rotting lamb and chicken from Pick n Pay, still in plastic packaging. Three collarless stray dogs were very interested in the meat. I removed the plastic and buried everything. I usually empty the rubbish bin into my municipal bin on Wednesdays, as no-one is taking responsibility for it and if I don’t, eventually it becomes over full and smells. I sometimes look outside when I hear people or cars parking outside, but I very seldom actually SEE someone littering. I would love people to start respecting the natural beauty of our park and the littering to stop.

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