Zeekoevlei Eastern Shore event

Many people have noticed the large pavilion of tents that has been erected on the eastern shore of Zeekoevei. This is in anticipation of tomorrow’s pubic event where the Deputy Minister of the Environment will present a Ramsar Certificate to False Bay Nature Reserve (including Zeekoevlei). Several hundred people are expected to celebrate World Wetlands day tomorrow at Zeekoevlei and witness the designation of False Bay Nature Reserve as a Ramsar site.

Ramsar is an international convention of which South Africa is a signatory. In the convention, national states designate wetlands of international importance which are then registered on the global inventory of sites. Ramsar status for a wetland recognises the extreme importance of the wetland and gives it international conservation status.

False Bay Nature Reserve is the 22nd Ransar site to be designated by South Africa and is the one most situated in an urban context. The proclamation of False Bay Nature Reserve (Rondevlei, Zeekoevlei, Strandfontein & Pelican Park) as a Ramsar site has been a 15 year process which was initiated by residents of Zeekoevlei and pursued by the Friends of Zeekoevlei & Rondevlei (FOZR). it is a good example of an environmental NGO helping to carry a conservation project over a multitude of years to its conclusion.

  1. Roger Godwin02-02-15

    Pleased to see that recognition has been made that it was the RESIDENTS of Zeekoeivlei that initiated the process all that time ago – it will be interesting to see just how diligently the area will be looked after, going forward, by the authority tasked with doing so. Their efforts thus far have not done so, in MHO, using, as as a starter, the CFWWTW 24/365 air and ground water polluting of the proclaimed area.

  2. Trevor02-02-15

    Took a drive there on Thursday afternoon
    Are Zeekoeivlei residents welcome, or is it by invitation only?

  3. Charlene02-02-15

    It all looks ver impressive from this side of the Vlei. May it bring great positivity and hands-on help to maintain and care for our vlei!

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