Bad Guys are xmas shopping in Zeekoevlei

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Hi all subscribers

Batten down the hatches and be on alert PLEASE

I have had 2 disturbing reports in the last 3 days, attempted robbery of a domestic worker and a house break-in, See below

downloadHi richard,

Around lunch time I gave a domestic lady and lift up to Busy Corner. She
apparently works for Don’s son (Charles??). She was on her way to work this
morning, sometime before 8am and says as she was walking down Peninsula Road
(about halfway between the tennis court and the stop street, a guy jumped
out of the bushes in Van Blommenstein and tried to steal her handbag. How
she managed this I don’t know, as she is quite elderly, but she says she hit
him with her bag, and I think a car turned into the road and he ran away.She
is now afraid to walk on her own down Peninsula.

I have not verified all this with Charles as I don’t have his contact
details, but perhaps you can e-mail a warning to your list of residents,
advising them to tell their domestic ladies to be careful.

Hope all good with you,
Love and blessings,


Thanks Wendy for this warning…

No 2…

A house 1 away from the yacht club was burgled last night whilst the owner and his 3 dogs lay sleeping…

Tom Tom the pipers son:

Hi Rich. I had an intruder here last night – laptop and a few other things stolen. I assume entrance was through dogs door, sometime between 12:30 and 06:00. (then there was a word not safe for work)

regards Tom

The Police have been to the house and opened a case, finger print guys are expected today…

Please beef up your security and lets accost anyone unfamiliar walking our streets, have Pro-Sec’s number handy (and your security companys number as well as the police.

ALSO please note there were recently 2 incidents in boat road, the crowbar gang are the suspects in both those cases.

Take care



  1. Dagny12-22-14

    Thanks for these warnings, it explains why my dogs were going nuts and the neighbourhood dogs. Reckon it happened before 3 am and after 12:30 as this was when we let them out to check the premises. Very upsetting. I have to say that our pro sec guys are not all on top of it. I recently have seen one of the night guys cycle quickly up peninsula without so much as a glance to either side on a late evening when I was walking my dogs around the hood. Seems he was in a hurry to get back to the hut again. I have also on occasion woken them up at night. Maybe we need to address this too.

    Hope we have no more unpleasantness and all go safely into the new year
    Merry ho ho and all

  2. James George12-24-14

    Could you please post all the relevant phone nos what is Prosec’s number?

  3. Tom Schwerdtfeger12-31-14

    Hi there
    We are trying to locate a red and white Tomahawk canoe that possibly drifted off into Home Bay last night. If anybody has seen it please call Colleen on 0727569834.
    Thank you !

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