The Zeekoevlei Peninsula Security AGM

13 Oct 2008 Posted by in News and Events, Zeekoevlei Security | 1 comment

The Zeekoevlei Peninsula Security AGM will take place at Zeekoe Vlei Yacht Club at 19.30 on October 16th 2008.  After the meeting there will be a cash bar for refreshments and a presentation by the Zeekoe Vlei Reserve manager, Asieff Khan.

  1. NigelHaupt10-21-08

    My wife and I were at your AGM meeting and although just observers, we became aware of attitudes of somewhat arrogance and in some cases disdain relative to those of our community who had not as yet enlisted! I perceive that those present are relatively financially stable and are probably unaware of residents within our community who do not enjoy that same level of economic freedom.

    In my humble opinion let us not become so entrenched within our comfort zone to the extent that we become insensitive to those less fortunate. Such an attitude does not bode well in creating an all-inclusive healthy community spirit.

    I thank you.

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