Zeekoevlei Peninsula Security scheme – Update

1- Alarm Monitoring and Armed Response service providers

One of the tasks the ZVPenSec committee were charged with by the members was to investigate current and alternative Alarm Monitoring and Armed Response rates. Currently, ADT is, by far, the most used external security company on the Peninsula and the committee have been informed that their rates to residents vary from R280 per month to over R400 per month for the same service. We suggest you renegotiate your monthly rate with ADT if you wish to remain with them and you are currently paying more than R280 per month.

The committee has recently been in discussion with Chubb (an alternative security service provider) and they have returned with what appears to be a very favourable offer for Peninsula residents:

  • For clients with an existing alarm, they offer a standardised monthly Monitoring and Armed Response service for a fee of R228 per month (Incl. VAT). Radio transmitter and antenna installed at no charge.
  • For clients without an existing alarm, they are offering to install an alarm plus radio transmitter and antenna at no charge, but subject to a monthly Monitoring and Armed Response fee of R250 per month (Incl. VAT) and the client signing a 36 month contract.

Should you wish to discuss these very favourable offers, please contact Martin Botha (Chubb consultant) directly on 082 412 3788

2- Sitewatch Tower at the Weir

With reference to the Sitewatch tower at the weir, I would like to clear up some misconceptions that appear to have arisen.

  • The ZVPenSec scheme, to which many of you contribute, has not been responsible for the erection of this tower and nor has it contributed financially towards the erection or the running costs
  • The Sitewatch tower is a Nature Reserve initiative, paid for out of their budgets, but from which we all gain tremendous benefits at no cost, in that the access road from the weir is monitored 24/7 and should there be any incident at the weir, the relevant authorities will be dispatched immediately to assist. We have Dalton Gibbs and his team to thank for this initiative.