A Plea To Stop Speeding

On Saturday 3 October, a little dog was callously run over in Otters Creek. Rumour has it the driver of the car was drunk at 09h00 in the morning. Witnesses say that he only walked back to check on the dog because of pressure from people who saw the accident. The dog lay screaming helplessly, looking like its back was broken while those who care about animals rushed around trying to do the best they could.

More and more people are speeding down and around our roads, oblivious and uncaring of the danger, too puffed up by their own sense of invincibility. We, the quiet people who care about children and animals, watch and pray that nothing happens. I personally have had enough. “Just a dog,” you might say but next time it will be your child or your wife who could not get out of the way on time. You are all guilty. I see very responsible people racing down Otters Creek and I hear them screeching around Egret Way and Crickets Gully. No one obeys the stop sign at the end of Otters Creek. Most of you go sailing through. In this horrible world, do you really want to be the cause of someone else’s heartache? I brag to outsiders all the time about what a special community we have here but my faith in this is waning fast.

All of you can make a difference. Your cars and motorbikes are weapons. Just stop and think about what you are doing. Stop being so selfish. You do not live on this earth alone. Be aware of what is going on around you. THINK about the hurt you inflict on others. Please, please can we make Zeekoevlei a better place to live. Make better choices, better decisions.

Our world is a hard enough place to live in. Every little thing you do right could have a big impact on some other person’s life. If you want to be part of this community, be part of its conscience.

I shed many tears today for a little dog that doesn’t belong to me. But, that poor, shattered dog is a symbol of the greater wrongs of our society. I am not a perfect person but I do at least try. I hope you will too.

Nikki Diekmann
Otters Creek