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Greetings ALL

What a crazy month it has been in our environment called Zeekoevlei and its surrounding areas… we have been so involved with many activities as a FOZR committee that we need a break this long weekend as well!

Before we do, let’s share some feedback and future activities that will be taking place ……… please diarise and join us ……. always fun having everyone at our functions!

FOZR Cleanup

The rains about 2 weeks ago brought some real devastating litter down the 2 rivers and the existing Litterbooms did its job to curtail the litter flowing into the main body of the vlei. Most of those were removed by the Litterboom staff who are working daily at the 2 sites – removing about 8 to 12 bags of dirt a day!

The pic below is dirt that washed down the Little Lotus the first day of the rains – …….

BUT THEN …. the heavy rain started the following afternoon and the power of the water that came down the 2 rivers, just pushed all the dirt into the vlei!

FOZR committee sprang into action and we were so grateful for the support of WESSA, as we could get 4 – 6 workers into the vlei for 10 days to remove tons of dirt before it could destroy our environment. An average of 4 truckloads of dirt were removed per week by our partners (FBNR) after it was meticulously collected out of reeds, river mouths and embankments. Most of these were towed all the way across the vlei to the collection point twice a day.

If you are wondering what else you can do personally to make sure that our amazing environment remains in tact ….. JOIN US ON THE 17 APRIL…. details below …. and like usual, all Covid 19 regulations will be in place…..

THANK YOU HELEN!!! … an amazing poster!

Zeekoevlei Drawdown – 27th April

Our vlei needs a flush out and this year it will be taking place on the 27th … time to be confirmed closer to the date by FBNR.
Our residents normally attend this event as the staff slog to get the wooden slates out so that the water gushes out into the river and finds it way to the ocean!
FOZR will be on site to assist and our famous boerewors will be provided as well…..


After drawdown, this very popular activity will take place in conjunction with the transport side of FBNR so that reeds can be removed as soon as possible. FOZR will provide a team of about 6 people to remove reeds in front of your property at a cost that will be communicated soon and we will endevour to clear the reeds out of the most popular public areas as well.

Look out for these details soon…… and book them so that we do not run out of booking slots like last time!


The areas of Rondevlei and Zeekoevlei are home to the Endangered Western Leopard Toad and I’m sure many of you are familiar with seeing and hearing the toads during the breeding season over the winter months. During the rainy season the toads move to the breeding ponds which frequently brings them in contact with our roads, as such road mortalities are thought to be the biggest killer for these toads.

With this in mind Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET) have initiated a project to install amphibian underpasses along a section of Peninsula Road in an attempt to reduce road kill deaths. Not only will the tunnels provide safe passage for the toads but they are also big enough to allow a whole host of other fauna to cross the road more safely. Project planning is now in its final stages and installation of the tunnels is due to begin after the 7th April, during construction traffic management will be implemented but access to the whole of Peninsula Road will still be available.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding whilst construction is under way. If you have any queries or concerns please contact Louise Baldwin (Species Conservation Manager, CTEET) via


Please note that this very popular market will be held on the 11th APRIL for this month only. All the popular stalls and activities will be back on the 11th APRIL 2021 …. SEE YOU ALL THERE ONCE AGAIN …..

To those who celebrate – BLESSED EASTER GREETINGS
Stay safe and healthy…!!


  1. Jimmy Baigrie04-06-21

    Many thanks for FOZR commitment to protecting FBNR flora, fauna and the vlei. Important to keep clean-up pics in SRA and ZVYC newsletters as well, and if possible to get them also to UCT and chools Rowing and Sailing clubs. Thanks again.

    • Sidney Jacobs04-06-21

      Thanks Jimmy….

      Absolutely doing that and for the ones we are not in yet…. Sent off mails….

      Including the local community newspapers… That helps..!

      Inputs Appreciated like usual.

    • Tom Schwerdtfeger06-05-21

      Spot on as always Jimmy – We ARE all in this together! Creating that awareness is the first step to a sustainable management plan

      • Roger Godwin08-24-21

        RE Sewage spill – Kindly advise phone number

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