Saturday Clean up Feedback

14 Oct 2019 Posted by in News and Events | 2 comments

Greetings All …

As the cleanup weekend was drawing closer, I could sense that the FOZR committee was starting to wonder whether it would be one of those clean up events where the usual 9 – 11 people would attend and toil as a lonesome group. We started acting like sangoma’s , predicting the amount of people that “might” be there  so that we could prepare activities for the 3 hours ….  Predictions were … 18, 27, 36, 42 and one crazy person (Who will remain anonymous for now) said 72!  ….  we all laughed and asked what they had smoked in their younger days … impossible prediction!


Well … Saturday morning cam and as the committee arrived at the park in Fisherman’s Walk, the only people on site were the eager and fully motivated rangers!  Fully kitted out in their smart uniforms and tools to physically assist and also keep the attendees safe……..  BUT …  Where were the masses… even just 11 people … please!

AHA!  …


By 09.10 the crowd grew to over 68 people … yes! Real breathing and fully motivated people!  WOW!

Man … the excitement in the organising group was so tangible it looked as if we were all vibrating as we moved amongst the CROWD ….. very soon the park area was spotless… so i thought until Colleen came over to me and whispered ….   They have left all the small papers and cigarette butts in the grass and do not forget, those are the ones that the birds swallow ….

 ….  So back they went to collect all the smaller ones … but with much joy and laughter …..


One of our favorite moments captured was this one that is such a powerful picture of a community working side by side to protect the environment… The rest of SA can learn from us…. Well done ZEEKOEIVLEI.

Boats were also deployed to the main island with eager volunteers who have never been on the water and definitely not been on a boat … the experience was amazing for them and they were shouting with joy! Thanks to the skippers who were so patient and accommodating as we achieved those goals as well – sharing is caring as my grandson would say!


In total 87 people attended from all over the Cape Town area and the results were FANTASTIC in the 3 hours we worked as a passionate group …


Area before …



and the results of a committed group of Capetonians who gave up their time and really made a difference……



Yes … you read correctly … 87 people in total – WOW!  it was great to be part of this …

The support given by Falsebay Nature Reserve staff needs to be commended and thanks to Arsief for making all the arrangements – It worked! Perfectly!


The full FOZR committee thanks everyone for the amazing support ….   and see you all at the next one.

Our resident Otters are sooooooooo grateful and on behalf of ALL the animals – They said THANK YOU!


Stay safe all!


Come and Join the team

  1. Emma10-14-19

    Keep up the good work FOZR. This was indeed the best ever attended clean up we’ve done. Well done with the advertising and organising. Something brought everyone out on Saturday and it was great to be part of it and to see the end result with so many willing hands..on we go…:)

    • Sidney Jacobs10-14-19

      Indeed Emma … it was amazing to be part of this cleanup.

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