Recycling and where to go now that the scout hall has closed down

14 Aug 2017 Posted by in Environment | 3 comments

Hi All

Paper and Glass

Paper and Glass

I went to a place in Retreat, if you drive down Retreat road from the m5, turn left into tenth ave, a couple of blocks down you will see a recycle place on your left. Just stop outside and the “locals ” are quite willing to take your stuff from your car because they get money for it, it was a great experience and I don’t have to drive to Wynberg 🙂


recycling is great for otters

recycling is great for otters

  1. Justine Ewart-Smith08-14-17

    Do you need to sort it first?

    • MoonDance08-14-17

      not sure, I had mostly sorted mine, the “locals” wont care, they are just happy to have stuff to take inside, as I said, I stopped on the pavement outside and the trolly guys were happy to take everything I had, sorted or not.

  2. Dagny Warmerdam08-14-17

    Brilliant, thanks Richard.

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