Zeekoevlei Fish Die Off

There are presently carp dying along the Zeekoevlei shore line in some places. At the moment it is suspected that the fish are dying from Koi Herpes virus that affected water bodies in Cape Town earlier in the year. The recent calm and hot weather conditions may have triggered this event.

Water tests and fish samples are being taken and will be analyised.

Any property that borders on the nature reserve shoreline that has dead fish can contact the False Bay Nature Reserve head quarters to arrange a removal crew to come collect the fish. The contact number is 021 396 4281 (office hours).

Koi herpes virus poses no threat to humans, but the public are never-the-less encouraged not to eat any of the dead fish.

  1. MoonDance12-01-15

    Sewerage was flowing out of the manhole in the Victoria rd cul-de-sac this morning, into the storm water drain and into the vlei LOTS OF IT, – thanks Cllr Shaun August for sorting it out within minutes…

  2. Dalton Gibbs12-01-15

    The preliminary estimate by the Cape Town Nature Conservation staff put the total of dead fish at about 4 tons. The cause at the moment appears to be Koi Herpes virus which was triggered by the still, calm and hot conditions recently. This is very similar to the outbreaks during last summer.

    Staff are proceeding with the clean up and removal of the fish. If any resident has a relatively flat boat (which they don’t mind smelling like dead fish!!) which we loan for the removal it would be appreciated. We would tow this behind the reserve boat to transport the collected dead fish to a removal point.

    Anyone who could loan a boat please contact the reserve manager, Asieff Khan, at 021 396 4281.

  3. Charmaine12-07-15

    There are lots of people fishing at Zeekoevlei at the canal in Fisherman’s Walk. Would the this Khoi herpes virus not cause any problems to their health?

    • Dalton Gibbs12-08-15

      Hi Charmaine
      Koi Herpes virus is not known to cause health problems for people.

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