Rondevlei Ecological Burn

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The Rondevlei Ecological Burn was successfully conducted yesterday, with the reed beds along the northern shore being burnt. According to the reserve records some of these reed beds have never burnt and are over 30 years old. The burning conditions yesterday were perfect with northerly winds taking the ash and smoke out over Rondevlei and away from flammable veld. These burn conditions were also timed to coincide with the welcome rains that are now falling.

The result was good combustion of the reeds and a reduction in old moribund dead plant matter. Despite the dramatic photos the infrastructure was all fine thanks to extensive fire breaks that have been cut through the dense reed beds over the last few weeks.

The effects of the burn can be seen first hand at the Friends of Zeekoevlei & Rondevlei walk which is due to happen this Friday (1 May) at 09:00.


Reed beds after the fire had gone through them.

Rondevlei fire

Flames reach Cliffortia strobilifera, a particularly flammable shrub.

Rondevlei fire 1 Rondevlei fire 2 Rondevlei fire 4 Rondevlei fireRondevlei fire 7Rondevlei fire 5   Rondevlei fire 8

  1. Gavin Lawson04-30-15

    Congratulations and well done to everybody involved. I was with some friends in Philippi and we saw the smoke which looked pretty dramatic from there.

  2. MoonDance04-30-15

    I am interested to see the new pathway and the new freshly cooked look…

  3. Dee05-01-15

    Surprisingly, the result is that Rondevlei has a burnt-out look :):):)

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