Snake photographed in Peninsula Rd Sunday 31 August

01 Sep 2014 Posted by in Environment | 3 comments

I received an email from Clare Gardener in which Hilary (daughter?) took the following picture of a large snake next to the “Witches’ Pool” in Peninsula Road on Sunday afternoon. Mole snake???Snake in Peninsula Rd 31 Aug 2014

  1. Dalton Gibbs09-01-14

    I would agree that it looks like a Mole Snake. In this area there are only two snakes that shape that get to this size – Mole Snake and Cape Cobra.

    Mole Snakes are often very active in spring as they come out of the ground to get some heat and find mates. Males can some times been seen at this time of the year engaged in fights over females; often leaving impressive wounds on each other.

    Mole Snakes carry no venom at all, but have a good set of teeth with which they hold on to Mole Rats which they hunt underground. The largest Mole Snakes in Africa are found on the Cape Flats where we have the largest permanently underground living animals in the world, the Dune Molerat!

  2. Vanessa09-02-14

    On another note entirely, what’s (or, where is!) the ‘Witches pool’ & how did it get its name?

  3. Radeefa12-01-17

    Found this snake In our backyard, could anyone please state what kind of snake this is

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