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Peninsula road in a wet winter

Dear Friends,

Thank you to those who responded with offers of help to refurbish the Zeekoevlei Recreation Club in Peninsula Road and those who have helped in the maintenance of Van Bloemenstein Park. (There seems to be some debate as to how Van Blommerstein should be spelt and in fact who Van Bloomenstein was – any thoughts?). The work has started on the re- fencing of the tennis courts and we trust that that will be completed in time for the Christmas break. The perimeter fence around the club house is not included in this contract so we must do that ourselves. Labour and expertise required there! A big thank you to FOZR who have donated equipment and cleaning materials from their most successful fund raiser the other night at the yacht club. It goes to show how our social events can help to make a difference in the community.

Planting phase 2


A number of people have asked that the fourth court be made into a basket ball court. This is indeed very doable! The main cost there is the poles and hoops themselves. Does anyone have any contacts or is there a basket ball enthusiast who would like to make a generous donation? ( We also need to know who Noel Tunbridge is, as one of the courts is named after him and whether his family still live on the Vlei?)

after the first planting

Weather looks good tomorrow so we will be working in the park again. Please just pop in and have a walk around or better still bring spade rake or hoe and help clear the paths. (Does anyone know who has left a heavy duty goods trolley at Grysbok Hoekie?)

Look forward to meeting you in the park!


John Oliver
082 7333500


Please Note: this entry has been entered LATE by MoonDance and the last paragraph applies to Saturday past – how useless is me? please vote… I did get another letter from a resident regarding the park see below

Hi John,

Way back in the days of the Civic Association, I did tell you about van Blommenstein Park. (Note from MoonDance – Seems to be implying that John is suffering from old age)

Van Blommenstein was the Vice Chairman of the now defeunct Cape Division Council who controlled all the non urban affairs/land in the then known Cape Province

Through his actions he made the land (Park) available as public open space so as to never allow any private development on it

Noel Tunbridge is a leading lawyer still alive in Cape Town who gave the founding members of the Zeekoevlei Recreation Club, much assistance on the legal side in the obtaining and constitution of the Club.

He currently lives in a retirement village in Rondebosch.


(name deleted to protect the innocent)

I seem to remember a Tunbridge living in the home on Flamingo road that had the squash court on it – anyone confirm this?

park signs

  1. Dr. Helena Fitchat05-12-20

    Please i am desparate to find my friend John Elliott who live in “Reflections” no.77 Peninsula Rd. Flamingo Crescent,Zeekoevlei.
    Can anybody help, Thank you

    • Roger Goidwin05-26-20

      Contact for info re John

      Regards – Roger.

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