The Toads Are On The Move – And we DO Make A Difference

16 Aug 2010 Posted by in Environment, News and Events | Comments

“With the expecting rain at this time of the year it is probable the Western Cape Leopard may start their migration to the breeding grounds.

Whilst it is not apparent where these are in the Zeekoevlei area, our toads do move.

You can assist (these toads are really endangered) by the following

1) Most importantly drive slowly on Peninsula Rd, Victoria Rd, Fisherman’s Walk

2) Ask your guests to drive slowly on these roads.

3) If you see a toad crossing the road note the direction it is going, pick it up and place on the side of the road it was going too.

4) Trust me they are not slimey, poisonous, or vicious.

Quinton Davids of Boat Rd and myself are involved in the group and if you would like to join us in the study please contact us

Ron Keytel (, 021705 4333, 084 450 8450

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