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Apparently if you see someone selling arum lillies you must call City Law Enforcement on (021) 596 1400/1424

Please Dont kill Arum Lily Frogs

It is the start of Arum Lily season. A tiny endangered Arum Lily Micro Frog breeds inside the water and dew held in the cup of these Lilies. We are desperate to curtail the gross destruction of Lilies. Please don’t buy Lilies sold at traffic intersections. Maybe I should have done a bit more research Please note the following According to the CapeNature, the City’s Environmental Resource Department and the South African National Biodiversity Institute, this frog does not exist. There are, however, two different species of frog, namely the micro frog (Microbatrachella capensis) and the arum lily frog (Hyperolius horstockii). The micro frog is smaller than a fingernail, while the arum lily frog is somewhat larger, growing to about 40 mm in length. Furthermore, no frog species breeds in the flowers of arum lilies. While the arum lily frog occasionally uses the flowers for shelter, it is not dependent on them. Arum lily frogs breed in wetlands and not in the flowers of the arums. The micro frog is ground-dwelling, breeding in temporary pools, and it does not climb into any flowers.

Would you please do a tiny bit, and just FWD this by email to everyone you can? Maybe I should have done a bit more research Please note the following “While the illegal harvesting of arum lilies will not lead to the extinction of arum lily frogs, the sale of illegally harvested flora at traffic lights is cause for concern. If left unchecked, other illegally harvested plants such as proteas, ericas, and various bulb species may be seen at traffic lights in the future. Care must therefore be taken to buy from legally compliant retailers. All roving vendors and intersection traders selling flowers are illegal. However, traders selling flowers in demarcated trading bays are legal, and regulated by the City. The City encourages the public to report illegal trading on 021 596 1400/1424.

Yours sincerely
Address – Suite 222, Private Bag X34, Somerset West 7129
Fax number – 086 691 1942
email address –

UPDATE: Thanks to Reinee who provided more information on the Arum Lily and the micro frog – visit this link to get the facts:

Another Update: Moondance has learned his lesson and will check out anything he posts in the future because he now looks like a horses a%$3. Sorry folks I was a bit hasty and sent out misinformation though the lily and its environment must be protected and preserved, I guess it was the cute factor of having seen the little frogs with their orange socks snuggled up inside the lillies at the bottom of my garden that did it, the photos I took myself. Yikes I hate admitting I was dumb!

  1. Jason08-19-10

    Please people do your bit to save the environment.

  2. Louis08-23-10

    The cops in the Paarl towards Klapmuts area drive past the children selling these every single day….. Even if you phone them they won’t do anything.

  3. MoonDance08-23-10

    Sick isn’t it, well keep trying or get a badge number or pray or throw a hand grenade… but don’t give up on the little froggie’s, people will change, eventually.

  4. Windels M.Rose08-23-10

    Aum Namaha Shivayia, I bless the people that love all living creatures. They make heaven of our world…M.Rose

  5. Erica08-25-10

    You should really add a FB & Twitter ‘share this’
    link to this – it’s the fastest way to spread the

  6. Admin08-25-10

    Great idea Erica and something we’ve been meaning to do! I have added some social networking widgets which appear at the bottom of all posts.

  7. Shirley Watkinson08-25-10

    I googled this because I got the email and there are so many “scams” – just wanted to verify that it was actually true. Good luck and God bless all of you who try so hard to preserve our heritage.

  8. A Question08-26-10

    Please dont get me wrong, as I understand what you are saying and fully back you on spreading the word.
    But my question is that should this not be stopped before the lilies are pulled from the ground?
    If no one buys the lilies, these sellers would just through it away and it still gets destroyed and less. It is not the people who buy them, it’s the people who sells them.
    Yes if less people buy it might not be pulled as much to be sold, but if they are already in the hands of the people who sell it why not buy them and plant them again, rather than ending up in a bin?

  9. Rijk Stofberg08-27-10

    How about helping these people to make it a sustainable business?

    Teach them how to harvest, propagate, plant, plan, etc.

  10. Sandy Park-Ross08-27-10

    Please get the frog message on Facebook. It’ll spread like wildfire, and reach nearly every young Capetonian, and loads of older people, in a very short time.

  11. Sandy Park-Ross08-27-10

    Oops! sorry – saw your facebook link and have done so.

  12. Admin08-27-10

    Hi Sandy, thanks for helping get the word out.

  13. MDT08-30-10

    There are always a lot of them selling at Klapmuts where the cops usually sit in the shade and at the enterence of welgevonden at stellenbosch and at the hellshoogte traffic lights i see them every single day….

  14. Reinee08-30-10

    Please read this article in response to the “Arum Lily frog”.

    Seems that the facts got twisted a bit…even though, it is still illegal to pick Arum Lilies from the wild!

  15. Shelby09-02-10

    The City of Cape Town Nature Conservation has clarified the facts that were a bit amiss is the above article:

  16. MoonDance09-02-10

    hmmm seems I posted this before checking the full facts – now the question is do I leave it up or take it down? Answer I ate humble pie and amended it. Do take the time to check out all the facts (see links people have kindly posted) – and keep on preserving the frogs, the lilies and the environments of both of them.

  17. Shelby09-02-10

    Those really are gorgeous photos! Although the frogs don’t breed inside the lilies, they still shelter in them, and thus their a portion of thier habitat is being destroyed through the picking of these beautiful flowers. The best option is to grow the lilies in your own garden, and perhaps you’ll have an orange-socked visitor 😉

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