FBEP News “Prison Break: The saga continues…” – story supplied by Josh (ZV reserve Manager)

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Zorro the infamous miscreant (Hippo) broke out of Rondevlei penitentiary (Reserve) in December 2009. Despite being restricted by a travel ban (Electric Fence) enforced by authorities, he has managed to remain at large. Very large in fact… It is estimated that he has almost doubled in size since the initial break out, and therefore weighs in at almost 1.6 metric tons!

Continuous attempts have been made to capture the red-faced brute, all ending in disaster. The latest failed attempt, and perhaps his closest brush with authorities, occurred early on Saturday morning. But let us first set the scene…

Dedicated authorities had worked tirelessly for many months iteratively refining and perfecting the trap. Every time the trap was set, new weaknesses were clearly evidenced. These were upgraded and reinforced until it appeared to be a full proof plan. No expense was spared, and even moral barriers were crossed with innocent bales of lucerne being used, at great personal risk, as bait. It had, however, become somewhat complicated and now involved sophisticated electronics such as infrared triggers and silent alarms that send encoded messages to trained teams continually on standby. This in its self also proved to be a weakness.

It was with confidence in the newest fool proof version of the plan that the trap was set several days ago. With hopeful hearts authorities waited for the signal. Early Saturday morning, Victoria Day, a senior member of the standby team, received an urgent message from operatives in the field. She rushed to the scene of the deception, only to find the carefully laid trap in ruins! With great despair authorities found that the silent alarm had failed to notify the standby team that the fiend had walked squarely into the trap.

The intelligence of this colossal creature is not to be underestimated. Armed as he was with time and plenty to chew on, he chewed over a plan and found a weakness overlooked by everyone else. He waited for the perfect moment, when the first splash of light caressed the sky, and when every scrap of lucerne was finished, he gathered himself and with all his might broke free from the grasp of his captors.

Despairing City officials gathered at the scene to gawk in disbelief. It seems that, although another weakness has been found, and the responsible teams are wiser for this experience, it is their intended prey that has learned the most important lesson. He will not readily fall for the same trick twice. So until City officials can come up with a new and cunning plan, we expect to see more of this Zorro in his usual underworld haunts. A lot more… as he grows even larger.

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