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It is tough being a DIKKOP by Ron & Anna Keytel

Apart from having to live with that name, they do have a tough life, particularly the chicks. About 6 months ago a pair of Cape Dikkops invaded our lawn, our space was gone, when ever we walked out to the Vlei to enjoy the environment we were accosted by a pair of snarling Dikkops, come […]


Nature Talk postponed – date to follow

Due to Holland and Cameroon and their epic battle in Cape Town this evening on the soccer field and the lack of attendees the talk will be postponed until next week, date to be advised, sorry about the disappointment, enjoy the game….


The next nature talk

The next nature talk is on Thursday 24th June at 20h00 at Rondevlei. The talk subject will be: “Post fire succession on two burn sites in Rondevlei”. This after the recent burns conducted at Rondevlei along the Peninsula road boundry. The talk will be a combined effort by the two Rondevlei students. This is a […]


Western leopard toad

The Western leopard toad (WLT) is an endangered species that lives and breeds in the low-lying regions of Cape Town, with further populations along the coast to the Agulhas Plain. The WLT is larger than any other toad in the area – females reach 140 mm in length. They have characteristic patterns on their body […]


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