Dead Bird found in Zeekoevlei

12 Apr 2010 Posted by in News and Events | 2 comments

It is not a well plane but probably worth salvaging, If you can prove its yours, I will return it.

Found this dead duck yesterday whilst crusing the vlei in my machine (DeePurple) the dogs wanted to eat it but I said no!

The DeePurple Machine

Call Richard 072 907 5196

She is sick!

Lesser striped heavynose with wings all awry

The noisy end

The go faster make a noise bit

The beak end

  1. MoonDance04-13-10

    Dead Duck collected by bad pilot – all is well in the world unless you are the little drowned pilot or pax.

  2. Richard Cammell04-27-10

    and now I have found another one, pics to follow

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