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Dredging R.O.D. Zeekoevlei

Dredging Zeekoevlei Given the Go-Ahead The province has issued a positive Record of Decision (ROD) on dredging Zeekoevlei. This is the latest milestone in the long road to rehabilitating Zeekoevlei. To date, agriculture and urbanization have destroyed or severely degraded between 35% and 60% of South Africa’s wetlands. Wetlands help purify South Africa’s water, control […]


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Draw-up filling Zeekoevlei

Have spoken to the manager of ZV Nature reserve and the Vlei will fill up as follows: When it rains… The weir will be closed in the case of little or no rain at the end of July – thats soon folks or in the case of lots of rain at the end of the […]