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Vlei Rehabilitation Study illustrates Importance of Groundwater

From South African Groundwater Division – Western Cape Branch Coastal vleis in and around the Cape Town, under rising pressure from urbanisation, have received a welcome boost with the completion of a multidisciplinary study aimed at restoring Zeekoevlei to a healthily functioning ecosystem. “It is important, from both ecological and social points of view, to […]


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Bats about bats!

Contrary to popular belief, bats are not blind, do not become entangled in human hair, and seldom transmit disease to other animals or humans. In fact, bats are very clean – they groom themselves after every meal. Bats are often believed to be infected with rabies but all mammals can contract rabies. However, even the […]


The Zeekoevlei Peninsula Security AGM

The Zeekoevlei Peninsula Security AGM will take place at Zeekoe Vlei Yacht Club at 19.30 on October 16th 2008.  After the meeting there will be a cash bar for refreshments and a presentation by the Zeekoe Vlei Reserve manager, Asieff Khan.